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Is an Illustrator based in NYC

I was born on Staten Island in 1987. Every day growing up my dad told me to be realistic with my career. He would always tell me to be a cop, a firefighter, or a sanitation worker. He would often talk about the health benefits, or the pension plan and how in my 40s I could retire and start a new career. I obviously didn't listen to anything he said because you are here reading this on my Illustration website. I assume you can tell I am not a police officer. If you're in need of a police officer and are reaching out to contact me, you might want to consider your choices in life. Stop what you are doing and call 911.

You might be wondering why I am wasting so much of your time rambling on about how I am not a police officer. The answer is that I am not very good at talking about myself. Having said that, if you are in need of an illustrator and or want to prove my dad wrong, then look no further than contacting me (and probably every other illustrator in the world). You can stop reading this whenever you want. I am shocked you made it this far. Like, what more do you need to know? I have no other information to give you other than I admire your dedication and commitment to reading this to the end assuming this was actually going somewhere.

Untitled_Artwork copy.jpg

This is how I look most of the time.



Selected Clients

Latest Exhibitions

Marrow Vermouth

The Seconds "Slip Away"

Isto "Isto on the Go"

Society Of Illustrators

Off Topic Games



The Cigar Factory

Long Island City, NY


The Little Chimp Society


347-444-3173 |   COMPTON.NYC@GMAIL.COM

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