Steven J Compton

  • Illustrator
  • New York, NY

When I was 11 I thought learning karate was very important. I am now 31 and I draw pictures. I don’t think much about karate.


Hello, I am an artist/illustrator/designer based in New York City. I am here for just the reason you think. My family is being held captive and I am trying to raise enough money to pay for my karate lessons so I can save them like in the movie "Taken". I’m highly motivated and like to gets started right away. I generally work very fast without compromising the quality of the work. I will not sleep, nor will I eat until the job is done. I sometimes wont even go to the bathroom until the job is complete. I even try to limit the amount of blinking so that i see as much of what i am doing as possible. This is not a lie, it is just 99% made up. Art is my life, making Illustrations is all I can think about. This is due to a rare brain disease only allowing me to think about one thing at a time and its always work related. I often don't exercise because I am thinking about work. My wife is always telling me to go the the gym and i can't because i am laying in bed eating Doritos thinking about work. I like to work with clients on various projects, often because money is involved. If the illustration thing doesn't work for you maybe their is something else you need that I can provide. If you need someone to do you dry cleaning then I am your man. I mean, I personally couldn't do it but maybe I can drop it off somewhere that can. I would be willing to walk your dog or cat. Not that you need someone to walk your cat but if that is something you want I will not judge. Not to you really. Basically what I am trying to say I dedicated and by that I mean desperate. I keep my air conditioning running all day long and if I wont to maintain this luxurious life style then I'll need some more work. If you have any projects you would like me to work on feel free to contact me any time. Hire me please. My family i made up in the first paragraph is on the line. Your conscience is at stake.


Your friend

Steven Compton